Brtyca designed a promotional video for NLCC.  The customer was pleased at the quality of the video and expressed that she was extremely satisfied with the work that we did. 


This customer waited years to find someone to design a logo for her that would truly express her brand.  When we designed her logo and presented her with the proof she cried saying that we had finally captured the essence of who she was with the new logo. She was so thrilled at our work that she has hired Brtyca to do all of her graphic design work! 


Brtyca is the official media and publishing company for Greater Hope Restoration Ministries.  Because this ministry works so tirelessly in the communities that it serves, Brtyca works equally as hard to provide quality materials for all of their inhouse and outreach programs. 


Organization company, A Perfect Mess, approached us about helpng to create a brand for this company through assisting with social media presence, logo design and marketing materials.  This company began to be flooded with consults and work within days of working the strategies and plans developed between the customer and our company!  A true success story.  


Brtyca has worked with Pastor Cheryl in developing and marketing her brand from her days with Stellar Nominated group Ministree to her recent release of her new TV show Let's Talk Pain.  From books to flyers and multi-media services, we have assited Pastor Cheryl on her way to be an influencer in her areas of expertise. 


CMM knew exactly what they were looking for in a logo design and Brtyca met the challenge!  The customer was so pleased that they recommended Brtyca to some of the colleagues. 

Brtyca is the official publisher of Heels Global Magazine.  Heels has featured some major influencers in the world including the ex-wife of boxing great Muhammad Ali.  Heels was also a press correspondent at the Stellar Awards. 


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